About Us


Trips & Tramps is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the local Fiordland community in which we operate our tourism business.

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future, with a range of waste reduction and environmental initiatives integral to all our operations.


At Milford Sound Trips & Tramps has been involved in a stoat trapping project since 2003 (even before it was the thing to do) and continue to check the predator traps on the foreshore delta area, in the heart of Milford Sound.

Trips & Tramps also enjoy a close relationship with the community, as any small business does!  We provide many volunteer hours to various committees, alongside logistical and financial support.

Steve is a trustee on the Cole Island Trust and the Kepler Challenge Mountain Mountain Run Trust. Both of these charitable organisations have objectives in the conservation space.

Trips & Tramps have made numerous donations over the years to local events and community groups, including the Kepler Challenge Mountain Run, Fiordland College, Fiordland Community Event Centre, Fiordland Squash Club, Te Anau School, and Fiordland Trails Trust to name a few.

Currently Trips & Tramps is involved in two Working for Nature projects based in Te Anau. We are involved in the Fiordland buffer zone project working alongside Environment Southland.  This project involves the removal of extremely invasive weeds from the Lake Mistletoe Conservation Area and around the Te Anau township.  The second contract is working with the Fiordland Trails Trust in their three-year project which includes weed and predator control, plus native plantings alongside the Lake 2 Lake Cycle Trail. This work is crucial to the protection of our local biodiversity for years to come.

Carbon Journey

At Trips & Tramps we have made a commitment to measure and manage our emissions. It is a goal for our company to become carbon neutral and to encourage other local businesses to follow this path.

Trips & Tramps recognises that it operates in a special area of the world, Fiordland National Park and that its operations and resource use will impact the environment. The business is committed to operating in an energy-efficient environment and considers the management of its greenhouse gas emissions to be the next step in creating a sustainable business model we can be proud of. 

The goal is for Trips & Tramps to offset our emissions with a local planting scheme to protect and expand the native forest and waterways. Unfortunately, at this stage there is no such local scheme available. Since 2020 with the covid shock and economic fallout, we have been unable to make any major advancements on this goal. However we have donated 100 plants in August 2020 to the Fiordland Trails Trust to support the Lake 2 Lake Trail.

Throughout our carbon journey we plan to share our knowledge. We also hope to motivate other businesses, particularly our contractors to begin their journey. In March 2021 Kate spoke at a local event to the Te Anau community about our companies journey so far.  For the full article see Stuff News Article: Dreaming of a carbon free community.

Despite all the challenges Trips & Tramps is committed to the carbon journey, and we hope to put more resources into this project in the future.

Trips & Tramps 2020 Greenhouse Emission Report