Dusky Track Transport

A remote Fiordland hiking experience

Transport connection to the Dusky Track from Te Anau and Manapouri. This 84 km tramp is one of New Zealand's more challenging and remote tramps, or experienced groups only. Trips & Tramps offers the complete Dusky Track Transport Package to access this track, working in conjunction with Lake Hauroko Tours and West Arm boats to co-ordinate the transport logistics - so you can focus on surviving the trail!

Lake Transport

Cruise across Lake Hauroko by boat

Transport Information

Access to the track at the south end of the Dusky (Lake Hauroko Burn) operates every Monday and Thursday only. So you are best to start here and walk south to north, ending at West Arm, Manapouri.

We collect at 7.30 am from your Te Anau accommodation, or if you have access to a car you may wish to leave it at Manapouri (where you get off the track) and we would collect you from here at 8.00am. From here we transport you overland to Clifden corner to connect with Lake Hauroko Tours. They then transport you across the lake to the start of the track, arriving around 11.00 am.

To get off the track at West Arm there are many departures everyday across Lake Manapouri with Real Journeys.  They do not take bookings (so they do not have to worry about missing, delayed or otherwise trampers), you just turn up and catch the next available boat. The scheduled boats are at 11.00 am, 2.30 pm and 5.00 pm. These departures specified have connecting busses to Te Anau if required. We can issue an open dated ticket for this portion of travel if you wish, otherwise you just sort it out when you get there.

River Crossing

Lots of river crossings (and mud)!

Track Information

The Dusky Track offers experienced hikers a true New Zealand tramping experience with lush forest, wild rivers, and unrivaled scenery. The Dusky Track is a challenging but rewarding 84 km tramping track through Fiordland National Park. It takes eight to ten days to complete and links stunning Lake Hauroko with Lake Manapouri. It also offers a two day optional detour to Supper Cove in Dusky Sound.

Note: There are 21 3-wire bridges on this track, and you can expect to encounter tree falls, deep mud, tree roots and river crossings. Flooding of parts of the track is not unusual and can cause delays for several days. This is not for inexperienced or poorly equipped groups and the best strategy is to take time out to enjoy the track and do one hut a day!

See Department of Conservation website (www.doc.govt.nz) for further details.

Note This is a transport only service, and is a non-guided activity.

Trip Add-ons

Lake Hauroko Boat Clifden Corner to Lake Hauroko Burn (south end of Dusky Track).

Boat West Arm to Manapouri

Bus Manapouri to Te Anau