The Milford Track in Winter - Hiking Transport Package

Wild, tempestuous and ruggedly beautiful – all of these words describe the Milford Track in winter between May and October.

If you’re an experienced hiker looking to walk the Milford track in winter, then this transport package is the ultimate way to bring your adventure to life. A collaboration between Trips and Tramps and Fiordland Water Taxi, we will ensure hassle free transport by co-ordinating all the boat and road transport from Te Anau.

Get picked up bright and early in Te Anau


Be picked up from your accommodation or the DOC long term carpark at 7.45am.  Leave Te Anau at 8am and be transported by bus to Te Anau Downs. Travel via water taxi from Te Anau Downs to Glade Wharf, leaving at 8.30am and arriving at the start of the Milford Track (Glade Wharf) at 9.30.

After completion of the track, pick up is from Sandfly Point (the end of the trail) at 2.30pm and travel to Milford Sound via water taxi. At 3pm, journey from Milford Sound back to Te Anau by bus, enjoying the scenery with Trips & Tramps.


Fit in a full days hiking when you arrive at the track at 9:30

Safety First

Hikers need to be well prepared to walk the Milford Track between May and October. Winter walking conditions can include cold, windy and very wet weather, as well as a risk of snow, ice and avalanches. Alpine equipment and experience is essential. Because huts are not serviced during the off-season, hikers need to bring fuel for cooking and heating, as well as lighting and a personal locator beacon. During the winter season bridges are removed, so knowledge and experience of river crossings is essential. Heavy rainfall makes streams and rivers in Fiordland rise very quickly, and track flooding is common. Be prepared to wait for water levels to decrease before attempting to cross any waterway – it’s a good idea to bring supplies for an extra few days in case you are delayed. Always check the latest weather report before you depart, and don’t hesitate to change your plans if necessary. While the Milford Track is wild and beautiful during the off-season, you do need to be prepared for challenging weather conditions. We’ll be able to help with any offseason hiking queries you may have, but we strongly recommend you also read through the Department of Conservation’s ‘Winter Hiking on the Milford Track’ information sheet.

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