Steve explaining local conservation efforts on the Kepler Track

About Us - Trips & Tramps

Our local kiwi guides are the backbone of the experiences we offer. Their knowledge of New Zealand – be it history, nature or culture – is absolutely top-notch. Friendly, patient and with a deep affinity for all things outdoors, our guides help to bring Fiordland’s stunning landscapes to life.

Trips & Tramps is a family run, small business based in Te Anau. Owners Steve and Kate Norris are involved in daily operations.  Steve is out and about most days guiding our guests, while Kate works back at base running all things behind the scenes (not to mention being a mum to 4 children aged 10-20 years). Committed to conservation and the local community, Steve and Kate like to 'keep it real' and believe in providing unique and genuine kiwi outdoor experiences.

Our Local Guides

Steve, owner of Trips and Tramps, enjoying the view in the depths of Fiordland

Steve Norris - Trips & Tramps

Managing Director

Steve is a dedicated, long term Managing Director of Trips and Tramps. Coming to Te Anau to guide on the Milford Track, he has worked in the tourism sector for over 30 years, both in New Zealand and abroad. A well known community figure he enjoys sharing Fiordland’s special places to visitors from all over the world. His consistent and dedicated leadership in the community and tireless enthusiasm as a keen conservationist influencing tourists, staff, Kepler Challenge runners, friends and family are well known and celebrated.

TIA awards 2023 Steve and Kate Norris

Kate Norris - Trips & Tramps

Co-owner and Author

Kate graduated with a Parks and Recreation Diploma from Lincoln University and moved to Te Anau to work on the Milford Track for the Department of Conservation. For the last 25 years she has worked in the tourism field in a reservation and information capacity. Currently with a growing family, Steve and Kate combine the demands of four active children with managing the business and getting into the outdoors as much as possible.

Madeleine Peacock

Madeleine Peacock - Trips & Tramps

Operations Manager

Madeleine has worked for Trips & Tramps for a number of years (although she does keep leaving and then coming back).  Madeleine grew up in Te Anau and embodies the Trips & Tramps ethic, with a passion for Fiordland and conservation, plus a vast knowledge of the tourism industry on many levels.  After a stint at the local RTO, then Qualmark we are very lucky to have her providing the lead on our Health and Safety management systems and supporting the business so Steve and Kate can have some well-earned time off! 

Local guides will share their knowledge and stories with you, Fiordland National Park

Geoff Barnes - Trips & Tramps

Senior Guide

Geoff is a born and bred local, with many years guiding, tramping and running around Fiordland. His rampant 'dad jokes' and first hand stories of the area ensure an entertaining day out.  A Trip Advisor review said that "Geoff is the man!" – we would have to agree!

Helen enjoying the view, Fiordland National Park

Helen Dodson - Trips & Tramps

Local guide

Helen Dodson is getting back into the bush again, where she prefers to be! After years of working with the Department of Conservation in various roles, including with the Takahe Recovery project and in the Fiordland Visitor Centre, we are now fortunate to have her join the Trips & Tramps team as a guide. With a love of the outdoors, specifically tramping (ask her about her adventures on the Te Araroa Trail) she brings great passion to her work. A friendly face and awesome host, Helen always goes the extra mile to ensure everyone has a memorable experience when they join her group.

Andres Saavedra local guide

Andres Saavedra - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Andres, well to be honest is a bit of a nomad, but now proudly calls Fiordland home with his young family and wife!  He was born in Chile, had his childhood in Quebec, then travelled the world for years (Patagonia, France and finally Fiordland).  He has honed his skills as a trilingual guide and a musician along the way! When he's not in the green of Trips & Tramps you can hear him sing at the local restaurants. Between music, nature and family, he lives life as a very happy man. 

Tamara Dick

Tamara Dick - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Tamara has a huge passion for the outdoors from land to sea. Whether surfing on the coast, or hitting the snow on mountain slopes, she loves exploring and is always on the go. Her friendy and enthusiastic personality makes every trip into Fiordland a memorable adventure.

Guide Andrew explaining a stoat trap - Kepler Heli Hike

Andrew Pealing - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Andrew is Welsh by birth but a Kiwi at heart. He has tramped and climbed the hills and mountains of Fiordland for many years. He is also mad keen about regaining and orienteering. Andrew serves the Fiordland community as a Search and Rescue volunteer, which also involved raising and training search dogs. He’s an interesting fella to be around!

Ross in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park

Ross Kerr - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Ross is a long-time local and there isn't much about Fiordland Milford Sound that he doesn't know. With a history working as a ranger for the Department of Conservation (for over 45 years). Ross is an expert in natural history, flora and fauna. A wealth of knowledge and just an all round nice guy, he is described as a 'true gentleman, ensuring we were well looked after the entire day''.

Michelle Grant

Michelle Grant - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Michelle comes from Dunedin and has a passion for sharing amazing outdoor places with people. She has a rich background in outdoor education and guiding, careers which have taken her all around the world - including Antarctica! She first started guiding in Fiordland in 2005. Michelle loves living in this area and reckons it's the best part of the country to live in - she hopes you will see why after spending some time here!"

Taisei exploring

Taisei Shimizu - Trips & Tramps

Nature Guide

Taisei was brought up in Te Anau by Japanese parents.  He is currently studying at the University of Canterbury, but heads home during the holidays to join the team.  He began working for Trips & Tramps as a van cleaner, but now confidently guides groups, with a love of the Milford  and Kepler Tracks. His passion for the environment and technology ensures an exciting future ahead. 

PC Taylor

PC Taylor - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

The wizard at Trips & Tramps would have to be PC! PC has a fantastic knowledge of all things Fiordland and has worked around the park in a number of different roles during his lifetime.  With his love of adventure, nature and people, he is lots of fun when exploring the Great Walks or Milford Sound.

Rohann Mackrell

Rohann Mackrell - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Rohann (Ro) originally hails from the North Island, but has swapped the big city lights for summers in Fiordland. Ro spends the winter working as a hiking counselor on a summer camp in America, and brings a bubbly enthusiasm to the role. She is passionate about sharing her love for all things Fiordland while getting out to explore the area whenever she can. 

Tara MacDonald

Tara MacDonald - Trips & Tramps

Local Guide

Tara has spent years exploring the mountains and valleys of New Zealand, through both her work and play. She has a passion for sharing the outdoors with visitors from around the world and feels a deep connection to the land. Of Maori descent, she brings a holistic approach to her guiding and weaves traditional Maori concepts into the delivery of her experiences.