Heather sharing knowledge on the Milford Track, Fiordland National Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have another questions not answered here? Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone, we are here to help you have the best Fiordland experience!

Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend you book in advance to secure your place on our tours, as space is limited, particularly during the months of November through to March.

What vehicles do you use?

We pride ourselves in providing a quality modern fleet of vehicles, all are purchased NZ new and custom fitted to our touring requirements.  Our fleet includes;

  • Hyundai iMax, suitable for 2-6 people.
  • Mercedes Sprinters, short wheel base for 6-11 people or long wheel base for up to 16 people.

Why the early starts in Summer?

Yes we do like to leave fairly early in the morning, and you are on holiday but we do so for a very good reason!  We wish to maximise the quality of your day by avoiding the midday crowds at Milford Sound and making the most of the calmer morning weather conditions. Every fine, sunny day during summer months results in a strong day breeze developing mid to late morning which causes the fiord to chop up. Our early starts make the most of the calmer water conditions for excellent photo opportunities and brilliant wildlife observing.

What trip should I choose to suit my motivations and fitness?

We offer a variety of trips to suit everybody of all ages, including family groups. Take a look around the photos and choose the one that appeals to you and if you cannot decide if it will be suitable, don't hesitate to contact us!

All our trips are done at a more leisurely pace, there is no rush. Plus our small groups ensures the guide will be there if you need them. As long as you can complete a 2-3 hours walk, any of our guided walks would be suitable.

Where do your tours depart from?

Our Milford Sound tours and guided walks (except Milford Track) depart from the Te Anau township. Accommodation pickups within the town boundaries are available if details are provided. Alternatively our central pick up is the Fiordland Event Centre 20/22 Luxmore Drive Te Anau.  There is plenty of free all day parking for all size vehicles (including campervans) here.

The exception is our Milford Track guided walk which has the option to depart from Milford Sound, if you have selected this departure point you will need to make your own way there. Milford Sound is a recommended 2 hour drive from Te Anau, plus you need to allow time to park, so we recommend a 6.00 am departure from Te Anau. Milford Sound Tourism has implemented paid parking in the main Milford carparks. The cost is set at $10 per hour. This fee is payable by credit card only. On the Deepwater Basin Road there is free parking on a gravel overflow car park. We recommend you be at Milford parked up by 8.00 am in the gravel car park on Deepwater Basin Road if you wish to have free parking. From here it is a 20 minute walk to the main Terminal building where we meet.

How Many people do you take in your groups?

Our groups are always small and personal, we take a pride in ensuring a quality interaction! If you are choosing a scheduled trip we have the following maximum numbers;

Milford Sound From Te Anau - These have no minimum number and will go year round (except the odd day), because we are the local Milford Sound posties! The maximum number we take on these trips is 15 in one group.  We can run more than one coach if required.  It is a good idea to book early to avoid missing out. On Milford Sound we travel on the Mitre Peak Cruise, which will have more people on board (maximum 75 people), as it is not exclusive to our tours.  However there is plenty of space and lots of good viewing, and the cruise time is also one of the longer options so you get lots of time on the fiord.

Fiordland Guided Day Walks - The Milford, Routeburn and Kepler guided walks have a maximum group size of 12 and 1 Trips & Tramps guide.  Lake Marian is limited to a maximum group size of 6 people. All walks have a minimum number of 2 to proceed, so if you are a single traveler we do recommend checking in advance to confirm the departure. 

Private Tours and Transport - If you wish to travel with just your companions, or have a special request we can run a trip just for you.  We can cater for 1-16 people in a group... or more if you wish to travel in multiple vehicles. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

What is your child age?

For all excursions our child rates are applicable as follows;

Infant 0-4 years inclusive

Child 5-15 years inclusive

What are the differences in the Milford Sound trips you offer?

We often get asked what the main differences are between our Milford Sound Coach, Cruise and Walk and the Milford Track and Cruise package.

So we have made a summary for you to assist when making your decision about which trip is right for you.


  Milford Sound Coach, Cruise & Walk Milford Track and Cruise
Summary Extremely good value for money day trip to Milford Sound which has a bit of everything covered. For people who specifically want to hike on the Milford Track, and do some walking at Milford Sound to really see the area!
Boat Cruise length

2 hours

“Small boat with Mitre Peak Cruises”

2 hours

“Small boat with Mitre Peak Cruises”

Walking opportunities

Short guided walks 5-30 minutes in length.

4 hours guided walk on the Milford Track. This is accessed by boat from Milford Sound to Sandfly Point.


Included *For all bookings confirmed after 01 May 2022, bookings prior to this will have the option of adding it at an additional charge.

Added extra, from $25 each as an option

Starting Point

Te Anau, transport return from Milford Sound Included.

Milford Sound.

Transport from Te Anau can be added for an extra $100 per person as an option


Suitable for all ages and abilities, and in all weather conditions.

Suitable for people who are happy walking for 3 hours.

Recommended for children over 8 years.

Weather considerations

We have umbrellas for all and plenty of protection against the elements if we experience some wild Fiordland weather!

Wet weather conditions may make the trip more challenging and you may get wet. We recommend you bring a spare pair of clothes and shoes for after the activity.


Year round

November to April

Maximum group size

Maximum 15 people per vehicle.

On boat trip up to 75 people

Maximum 12 people per guide.

On boat trip up to 75 people