Overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound, Fiordland National Park

5 ways of discovering Fiordland’s beauty from a new perspective

13 Apr 2022

Fiordland is on many people’s bucket lists for places to explore, and that is for a good reason! The national park is absolutely stunning and so diverse in its offerings that truly any traveller will find the perfect fit for their trip. We have listed our top 5 ways of discovering Fiordland’s beauty from a new perspective to really give you the chance to get to know the park.


Truly the best out of both worlds. Combine the luxury and once-in-a-lifetime scenery with hiking parts of one Great Walks in New Zealand on a heli hike! Get swept up in the air by our helicopter and enjoy a spectacular flight above hidden lakes, beech forest and land at Luxmore Hut. Explore the alpine tussocks fields and breath-taking views across lakes and surrounding mountain tops. For the fit and keen you can even head for the summit. Then you can slowly start your descend towards the sandy shores of Lake Te Anau through native forests and limestone bluffs, with your experienced guide giving you more info and historic background on what you see. 

Te Anau | Kepler Track | Fiordand | people walking out of helicopter above lake in alpine area

Take a ride to the alpine area of the Kepler Track for a incredible day of hiking.

Overnight Cruise

The Southern Secret Overnight Cruise will take you into the wilderness of Doubtful Sound and give you the chance to experience spectacular fiords from up close. Journey through the Hall Arm, Crooked Arm, Bradshaw Sound and more. You can even get up to the entrance of Doubtful Sound where you may visit the Shelter Islands. Chances are high that you’ll encounter bottle-nose dolphins, penguins, seals and sea birds on your travels, but you will also have the chance to enjoy on board activities like kayaking and fishing. Sit back and relax while you see the stunning Fiordland scenery glide past you, with great food and refreshments.

Doubtful Sound | Fiordland | boat with kayaks on sea surrounded by bush and mountains

Cruise on Doubtful Sound overnight with the local team on the Southern Secret.

Scuba Diving in Fiordland

Fiordland’s diving opportunities are one of the mist unique ones in the world! Did you know that Milford is Aotearoa’s ‘coral capital’? It is the home to the rare black coral, crayfish, fur seals, and more than 150 fish species and regarded as a bucket-list dive spot for divers. So, make sure to include a scuba trip on your next Fiordland itinerary to also explore the underwater beauty of the scenic fiords.


Milford Sound | Fiordland | person underwater in dive kit surrounded by fish

Explore the depths of Milford Sound with a dive tour.

Multi-day hike​

If you want the full Fiordland experience, the ‘Fiordland Great Walk 3-Day Package’ is the right choice for you, combing all Fiordland walking highlights, without the shared bunk spaces! On day one, you’ll be swept up on a helicopter tour above the scenic Fiordland and land at Luxmore Hut. The great Kepler track will take you back to Te Anau and offers truly stunning panoramas from alpine basins to native forest and sandy lake shores. The second day adventure includes a boat cruise and the famous Milford Track. The Routeburn Track Great Walk to Key Summit is on the itinerary for day 3. Explore lush rainforest, hike through alpine fields, and climb to the summit with unrivalled mountain views. Each day our guide will know all the hotspots and Instagram worthy spots for you to stop and learn more about the national park.  It’s a great way to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Kepler Track | Te Anau | Fiordland | group of people on mountain summit with arms in the air sitting on rocks

The Fiordland Great Walk package offers an incredible and varied hiking experience through Fiordland.

Experience Local food

After all these great adventures, it is now time to fuel yourself again and send your tastebuds on a journey of their own. Fiordland has a great foodie scene and restaurants, cafes and food trucks are always working on improving their menu and including local, and seasonal produce. This is a great way to connect to the local community and experience food and cuisines in a new way! And if you are looking for great dining hotspots to make a night that little bit extra special, check out our recommendations here!

Te Anau | Fiordland | food truck with tables and chairs in front sheltered by large yellow umbrella

Te Anau offers a range of dining experiences to suit all budgets.

No matter what floats your boat, Fiordland has you covered with its mesmerizing and diverse beauty.

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