How to pack like a pro for a day hike

30 Nov 2018

Avid hikers know that the fun begins even before you get on the trail. Prepping your pack for a day hike is something you shouldn’t do in a rush the morning of your hike. A bit of homework on weather and trail conditions is good practice so you know just what to bring with you. Once you know what you need to take, these handy hints should help you pack like a pro – efficiently and accessibly - so you can reach things quickly while on the go for a really fun day out exploring. 

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All packed and ready to go

Step 1

Check that your backpack is in good condition – no tears, holes, or missing zips. About a 25-35 litre backpack size should be suitable for a day hike.

Step 2

Decide on what you need to bring. Read up on our essential must-haves list here and find out what to expect on a guided day walk on this page. Your packing list could look something like this:

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers - doesn't need to be light weight. Fiordland has a very wet climate so it’s good to have quality gear with you.
  • Packed lunch
  • Flask of hot drink – on a guided walk this is provided and carried by your guide.
  • Water – bring your own water bottle or hydration pack
  • Walking Pole(s) – we can provide if needed on a guided walk
  • First aid kit – our guides have this on hand, and the knowledge to use it so you can relax!
  • Spare warm clothes in a sealed waterproof bag, it can get wild in Fiordland and best to be prepared.
  • Pack Liner - definitely a must-have
  • Fully charged phone and camera
  • If you are doing a longer day hike consider packing a torch.

Step 3

Line the inside of your backpack with a waterproof liner. This is a must-have and vital to keeping all your belongings safe and dry, especially with the unpredictable weather we experience here in NZ. 

Step 4

Place spare clothes in a waterproof dry bag at the bottom of your pack. Things like a warm clothes and spare base layers (like merino wool or polypro) are really handy to have just in case, you really don't know when they will come in handy. 

Step 5

Pack your water supply – a reusable bottle or hydration pack/bladder. Make sure nothing sharp is packed next to these to avoid leakage. For a day hike, it would be good to take at least 2 litres of water with you. Keep this on the outside of your waterproof liner or bag if you have an outside pocket available.

Step 6

Next, pack the bulkier and back-up stuff – things like your lunch, a fleece or warm top, personal medication etc.

Step 7

Pack the stuff you’ll need to access quickly towards the top of your bag. Items like a waterproof jacket in case of a downpour or wind, sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, warm gloves and hat, insect repellent and hiking snacks.

Step 8

Finally, secure the things you’ll need often along the way to the outside of your bag. Like placing your water bottle in a side mesh pocket and fastening walking poles using loops or straps. Some backpacks also have small zip pockets along your waist belt to pop items like snacks or your phone/ camera inside.  

So now you are all set – so get out there and experience that day walk!

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