Mix Things Up in the Outdoors of Fiordland

7 Dec 2021

Looking for ways to change things up this summer as you explore Aotearoa? The outdoors of Fiordland is just the place to search for the extraordinary and do something new, New Zealand.  Here are a few ways we have come up with to make the most of Fiordland, when the international borders are closed, and we get the place all to ourselves!

See a fiord!

Did you know that Milford Sound is not actually a “Sound”? And in fact, neither is Doubtful Sound. Undeniably true however, is the beauty and majesty of these two fiords, that make Fiordland one of New Zealand’s most iconic National Parks. With such a wide variety of wildlife, plants, and natural wonders, these natural wonders are always worth a trip whether it’s your first time, or you’re a frequent traveller.

Seek a different Great Walk!

If you have hiked the Milford Track and now think “Fiordland? Been there, done that”, you have certainly thought wrong! Fiordland has so many more amazing and unique tracks for you to explore, like the Kepler Track or the Routeburn Track. These other Great Walks of Fiordland offer incredible scenery and a chance for you to fully immerse yourself into Aotearoa’s awe-inspiring nature. The Kepler Track is the longest track of all three trails at 60 km in length, with some steep climbs and descents, particularly between Luxmore and Iris Burn huts. The Routeburn track in comparison is the shortest and, in my view, arguably the easiest track suitable for anyone’s first multiday tramp. Whichever track you choose there are truly stunning views of glacial carved valleys and mountains, majestic rivers, sprawling ridgelines and native vegetation, so the climbs will always be worth it. For more of a breakdown and recommendation of which Great Walk is most suitable for you, check out our blog article Fiordland’s Great Walks – Which one is for you?

Kepler track fiordland trail over the mountain range

The mystical mountains of the Kepler Track’s alpine landscape

Discover the landscape’s cultural and natural history!

Let history and culture guide your way through one of New Zealand’s most beautiful landscapes. Gain a deeper understanding of the rare and delicate flora and fauna that makes this landscape so unique by booking a guided tour. A local guide can add so much to your experience with their knowledge of cultural and natural history that truly brings the area to life! Learn the fascinating Māori legends of the area, like that of the demigod Tuterakiwhanoa, who is said to have carved the rugged landscape from formless rock and see with your own eyes why this area has earned its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Get Imaginative!

Add a creative touch to your hike through one of the world’s most beautiful spots and enjoy a photo scavenger hunt in your group! Choose a theme of the hour, day or trip like ‘bird’ or ‘waterfall’ and see how many “topics” you can snap on your journey. You can even award the best photo of the trip as judged by your family and friends. With our unique climate (hint: lots of water) and untouched wilderness areas, Fiordland’s lush natural environment will take your photos to the next level. This is a great activity for all age groups and might even make the walk for the younger ones more exciting and adventurous.

Fiordland Routeburn Track looking over alpine tarns and mountain tops

The untouched wilderness of Fiordland’s Routeburn Track

Take a trip less predictable

Have you ever been on a helicopter tour, soaring over fascinating rock formations and lush green treetops? Or sailed up close to world-famous waterfalls? Explore Fiordland not only by bus or on foot, but also via stunning boat tours and scenic helicopter flights! View Fiordland from all angles and treat yourself to a bucket-list experience like no other.

Can’t choose and don’t want to miss a thing? Check out our Fiordland Great Walk 3-day package for the perfect mix of fabulous! Discover a different walk every day, be guided through breath-taking scenery, learn exclusive tips to make the walk fun and exciting for everyone, and enhance the adventure by jumping on a mesmerising helicopter and boat tour! If you’re limited on time, send us a message to discuss what you are after, and we will do our best to make your Fiordland dreams turn into reality.

Guided Hiking group with Trips and Tramps on the Routeburn track

All smiles at the top of Key Summit on the Routeburn Track

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